Seminars/Training Programs - Cocoa

 I.      Cocoa Industry Review Seminar

This seminars will provide:

  1. A historical overview of the global and Ghanaian cocoa industry;
  2. An overview of the current cocoa season;
  3. An examination of the risk factors that are likely to impact the cocoa industry for the current and future crop years;
  4. An outlook of the global cocoa industry for the upcoming cocoa crop year;
  5. An outlook of Ghana’s internal cocoa market for the upcoming cocoa crop year.

 II.      Risk Management in the Internal Cocoa Market

This seminar will focus on:

  • Risk assessment and Agricultural Supply Chains
  • Production and Farm gate risks
  • Risks resulting from Logistics Inadequacy 
  • Financial Risks 
  • Operational Risks
  • Cross border trading Risks
  • Port/ Takeover Center risks
  • The Impact of Changing weather patterns on production and quality

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